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Media – Audio/Visual

Creativity has been around from the very beginning.

Genesis 1:1 tells us that the heavens and earth as we know them are a result of creativity: God’s creativity. We also know from the Genesis account that God created man in His own image (Genesis 1:27).

It’s amazing to know that we have a God that just by the power of His words spoke the universe and mankind into existence! It’s clear from Scripture that creativity coupled with the power of God is a force like no other. As Ed Young says, “You have been created in the image of your creative Creator.” You are a “Creative.” Your various gifts and talents have been given to you by God for a purpose—so you can reflect and communicate the timeless message of Christ and His love for the world. That is your purpose. That is your calling. This collection of creatives—is for anyone who is passionate about using their creativity to reflect and communicate Christ’s love and plan for the world.  

Whether in the areas of audio, video, art, design, writing, photography, video editing, this is a place for creative thinkers and artists to build relationships, grow in creativity, and develop resources to build the local Church and expand the Kingdom of God.

IT Volunteers

Southwest Media (IT) ministry provides the opportunity for Volunteers to give of their gifts in productive and purposeful work that is Administrative and or Technical.If you have IT experience or an interest in IS-related work, consider joining our volunteer team to serve Southwest and its Information Systems’ needs. There are opportunities to serve during the …

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The Web team assists with the creation and maintenance of all the different websites that our church ministries operate. Whether you are a web design professional with crazy skills, a rookie who does it just for fun, or someone that simply wants to learn more, there is a place for you!If you are interested in …

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