The Southwest Clothing Ministry began in an effort to supply our neighbors with much needed clothing at a time when clothing costs has been at an all time high. Initially the ministry only accepted clothing and household items from church members. When others in the community found out that the church accepted used clothing and household items, others in the community donated to the program. Now the ministry is blessed by having many community donors.

The ministry accepts clothing and shoes for adults and children of all ages and sizes. Those items most needed, and which we never seem to have are socks in all sizes and good clean undergarments.Children’s clothing is always needed as are men’s work clothes and jeans.

The ministry is run by volunteer servants; made up of Southwest church members and others in the community who work with us. In turn, they are able to help their church members who need clothing items by shopping for them when needed.

There is a free clothing giveaway every month on a Saturday from 8 a.m. until 12 noon.The only qualification anyone needs is to have a stated need to “shop” for clothes. We do ask to see identification and have shoppers sign in so we can track how many persons we are serving on any given month. Volunteers are available to answer questions and help shoppers with their shopping, if needed. Please call the Church office (804) 745-3667 to learn of the next upcoming Giveaway date.