About Southwest Church

The Southwest Church of Christ is an independent church associated with the Churches of Christ, who find their roots in following New Testament Christianity as revealed in the Scriptures.  It is our desire to build a strong and vibrant local body of believers who have chosen to be “Christian only” and stand firmly upon the teachings found in the Bible.Though we are an autonomous congregation, having no governance or structure outside the local congregation, we see ourselves as part of the restoration movement in American history that began in the late 1700’s.  As men and women sought to be free from denominational ties and hierarchy, churches began to spring up that sought to be “non-denominational.”  Rather than label themselves as Baptists, Catholic, Presbyterians, etc. they just called themselves “Christians.” A common slogan was “We don’t claim to be the only Christians.  We just want to be Christians only.”  It is that spirit of non-denominational Christianity that we want to continue.Thanks to the diligent efforts of the Elders at Jackson Heights Church of Christ, Florence, Alabama, the Southwest congregation was organized in the fall of 1981. With seventeen in attendance, on October 18, 1981, Southwest Church of Christ held its first worship service at the home of minister. Steve Rook.  While meeting at numerous locations from ’81 to early 1984, the congregation grew to 40-50 attendees; when, with continuing financial support from Jackson Heights, Southwest purchased land, constructed a building and began worshiping and working for the Lord at 750 Courthouse Road on April 1, 1984.  The building was small, with the auditorium doubling as classrooms by using folding partitions, but everyone was happy to have a place to call home.  From the early days of Southwest’s inception there was a special closeness among its members; and that closeness would remain the strength of the congregation throughout the years.