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Only 1 Church?

Does the Church of Christ consider itself “the only church”? Do You really believe that you are the ONLY one’s going to heaven?Let’s examine some areas in which the church “is not the only one.”1) We are not the only ones who respect the Bible as God’s Book. It is true that many do not …

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Which Bible?

Which is the best version of the Bible to use? I know you use the New American Standard Version. I’ve been told that the King James version is the only version one should use. Can you offer any guidance?Answer provided by Mike Scott, Minister of Mt. Vernon Church of Christ in Prescott, ArizonaBible Version DiscussedStandard …

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God created man and woman and gave them the ability to enjoy sexual relations. God wanted us to enjoy the relationship that a man and woman can have, but as with so many things, man has distorted and degraded what God has made. God created sex for two reasons. One is for procreation (Genesis 1:28). …

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What does God think of Divorce?This is a challenging question, as it is emotionally charged and often times carries with it past experiences and disappointments. God is straightforward in how He stands on divorce when Scripture says, “‘For I hate divorce,’ says the LORD, the God of Israel” (Malachi 2:16). This passage could not be …

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Homosexuality is becoming more and more accepted in both our society and around the world as an alternate lifestyle. Many people are accepting and embracing homosexuality as a way of life in the hope of being tolerant toward all people. The issue of homosexual behavior can often bring conflict and hostility because it deals with …

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What does God think about Suicide?Suicide is a serious issue and impacts many people. While the loss of a loved one to suicide is hard to handle, there are often thoughts and concerns of what happens to the person as a result of taking his or her own life. Scripture documents several suicides and potential suicides (Judges 9:54, …

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What happens after I die?James 2:26 describes death “the body without the spirit.” Death cannot be described as simply as when someone’s heart stops, or when someone ceases breathing. Modern medical technology has assisted in reviving individuals even after their hearts have stopped or they have stopped breathing. However, this only describes the moment of death, not what …

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The Trinity

What is the Trinity?This is an aspect of Christianity that is very difficult to understand because there is no way of adequately explaining it.  We cannot understand the full depth of this concept, yet we can try to grasp the truth of God. Trinity, as a word, is not found in Scripture.  It was used …

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