We live in a world where multimedia is increasing in significance and influence.  Movies and visual arts are playing powerful roles in our communication. People are used to receiving information in a graphic, highly visual way. People also tend to see God the way He is presented.The Multimedia ministry is dedicated to communicate God’s goodness through web sites, audio and video presentations, and any other varous means of media.. We also produce documents, presentations and materials for special events to inform and encourage the church to take part in the many ministry areas, so that people may “taste and see that the Lord is good.”On most Sundays memb3ers of our team cab be found in the media section of our assembly hall running the various electronics required to assist in the worship as well as recoding the service. The service is then converted into MP3 format and published to the web for our weekly podcast. Sermon CD request can be made at the Media Counter by completing the request form. Your CD is typically ready by the next service.Multimedia communication is the language of the 21st century. The Church of Christ will use this language to reach out and influence the world for God’s Kingdom.All of the above occur because of the efforts of a small team of people. We welcome anyone who may be interested in joining our Ministry. Plug In Today!