Southwest is fortunate to have many leaders involved in our Celebrate Recovery TEAM. Team is an acronym for the leadership positions within the Recovery program itself: (Unless otherwise noted: Coaches and Coordinators should have 1 year of recovery and worked through the 12 step or CR program)

Because this is such an involved ministry program, we ask all Volunteer Servants for a minimum 1 year commitment to a Celebrate Recovery role  (attending weekly meetings – we know there will be times when someone is unavailable, but every effort should be made to attend at least 75% of weekly gatherings)

T = Training Coaches
  • Conducts all training for new and potential leaders for Celebrate Recovery
  • Facilitates training sessions for all monthly leadership meetings
  • Conducts informational training sessions such as Introduction to CR
  • Provides Continuing Education for seasoned leaders
  • Conducts the leadership training needs survey
  • Develops a Training Coach apprentice

E = Encourager Coaches
  • Creates fellowship events for leaders and groups
  • Recruits and develops all fellowship teams such as the barbecue team, the greeter team and Solid Rock Café team
  • Provides encouragement to all leaders
  • Recruits and develops new apprentice group leaders
  • Develops an Encourager Coach apprentice

A = Assimilation Coaches
  • Promotes Celebrate Recovery to the members, the church, the community and the region
  • Recruits and interviews new leadership candidates
  • Develops and selects Resource Materials for groups and information tables
  • Recruits and develops the publicity team and the transportation team
  • Develops an Assimilation Coach apprentice

M = Ministry Leaders
  • Responsible for the entire Recovery Ministry
  • Selects and schedules teachers and testimonies for weekly meetings
  • Oversees all Celebrate Recovery ministries
  • Serves as the main contact with the church staff
  • Provides staff support and staff training
  • Recruits and develops music and worship teams

Other Support Staff Member Needs (included but not limited to)

Open Share Group Leaders

  • Should have an accountability partner or involved in step study.
  • Must be able to start, lead and facilitate group discussion in a manner that is authentic and genuine. Should be able to briefly articulate personal struggles and recovery without monopolizing group discussion.
  • Must be able to properly, yet lovingly deal with situations such as individuals who don’t follow group guidelines or individuals in crisis.
  • Note frequent absences for follow-up i.e. after consistent attendance, if participant misses two nights in a row, follow-up
  • Attend training’s and monthly leadership meetings.
  • Communicate with training leader about any issues or problems
  • Must have the ability to work with co-leader as well as identify and raise up apprentices.
Hospitality Coordinator
  • Assign greeters at various check points at the Campus
  • Set the example of hospitality and greeting for all team members
  • Serve as part of the greeting team and insure individuals know where to go
  • Act as planner or liaison for campus food plan
  • Assist with clean up after the dinner and Open Share Group time
Facilities / Security Coordinators
  • Work with facilities staff member or associate pastor on set-up and tear down
  • Ensure the rooms are set up for the evening
  • Recruit volunteers to assist
  • Assist with clean up after the Large Group Program
  • Secure the premises for the evening.
  • Make certain the rooms are secure while the support groups are in session.
  • Arrive early and stay until all clean up complete