Who We Are

After learning that she could drink from living water that would never run dry, the “woman at the well” in John 4 went and told the village that she had met the Messiah.  Similarly, after walking to the empty tomb and encountering the risen Savior, Mary Magdalene immediately proclaimed to the rest of the disciples that she had “seen the Lord.”  At Southwest Church of Christ, The Women’s Ministry’s mission is to cultivate spaces of worship where women can dig deep into scripture, their faith, and relationships so that they can be equipped, inspired, and empowered to be a witness of the Living Water at work in them and proclaim the good news of the risen Lord.

Serving Opportunities

Our goal at Southwest is to nurture and encourage each woman to live out of the center of God’s love and as sisters in Christ to equip and enable one another to live this life of love in our world.

One way to grow on your faith journey is to connect with others by serving. There are volunteer opportunities at the church and with our mission partners.

Women’s Ministries

Book Club

Women’s ministry invites you to come and fellowship each month with new friends and a good book.  For more information, please contact the office.

Ladies Retreat

Our annual retreat is designed to provide affirmation, worship, and connect women need.  Be sure to sign up.  For more information, please contact the office.

Secret Sister

Secret Sisters is a ministry between you and another woman within our church family. You become her silent prayer partner and her secret encourager for 6 months.  She doesn’t know who you are, but she will know you are there and praying for her and her needs.  Secret sisters is about encouraging, supporting, and edifying one another in prayer as well as with personal notes, cards, and small gifts.  Be sure to sign up before October 1.

Arts and Crafts


Partners In Prayers

Meal Preparation

Building Clean Up & Special Events

Beautification Programs/Events