My name is Danny Campbell, and I am the Minister for the Southwest Church of Christ. I’m so glad you found our website!

I’m a relative “newcomer” both to the congregation here and to Central Virginia, having grown up in Arkansas. Although I’ve spent most of my life in Ministry in the Northeast (Maine and Pennsylvania), my wife, kids and I are very, very pleased to be part of the good work going on here at Southwest and hope, as you seek to know the Lord, you’ll include us in the search.

Churches of Christ, historically, have had two distinctives in addition to loving Christ and each other:

(1) Our hearts break when we see the fragmentation of the Body of Christ. Our Lord, Jesus Christ two thousand years ago, established His church. And, despite the fact that Jesus Himself prayed for unity, His Body has broken up into literally thousands of groups bearing thousands of names in addition to – or ignoring completely – the name of Jesus.

That’s one of the reasons we don’t include any “modifiers” (for example, “Catholic”, “Methodist”, “Pentecostal”) as part of our name. We just want to be “Christians” here at Southwest; nothing more. Nothing less. We believe to follow Christ, the Messiah, is enough.

(2) Our hearts break when we consider how so many in our age have forgotten God and His Word. That’s why we place a high value on Bible Study. That’s why we try to do things, as much as we can discover, according to the ancient pattern described to us in the New Testament. In a time when, because so many of forgotten God, society is becoming more and more chaotic and confused, we at Southwest believe the answer is simple: Come to Christ; Open your Bible; and Heed His Commands; not just on Sunday Morning “at church”, but also at work, with the family, anywhere you might go.

If this speaks to you; or “gins up” a few questions you need to ask; or if you’d just like to learn a little more about us; come pay us a visit! Or give me a call (804-223-2452 mobile). I’d love to get to know you, and so would the rest of us!

God bless,
Danny Campbell

PS – If you visit with us, I believe you will find a warm, friendly welcome. There are lots of nice folks here; and we hope to get to know you real soon.