What is the Trinity?This is an aspect of Christianity that is very difficult to understand because there is no way of adequately explaining it.  We cannot understand the full depth of this concept, yet we can try to grasp the truth of God. Trinity, as a word, is not found in Scripture.  It was used to attempt to describe what we understand as one God who is three persons.Scripture proclaims that there is one God. In Deuteronomy 6:4 it is proclaimed that there is one God. Paul tells Timothy that there is one God (1 Timothy 2:5). There are also other places in Scripture where we see that there is only one God.Scripture proclaims that there are three persons that make up God. In the Hebrew text, Elohim is used for God, but this term is plural or more than two, yet it is accompanied by the singular modifier “one.” Matthew 3:16-17 shows the three distinct persons through the baptism of Christ. When we compare the account of creation and John 1, we see that there were three persons involved with creation.God is three in one. He is three coexistent, co-eternal persons that make up one God. Each person of the God-head plays an intricate role in the life of the believer.It comes back to a childlike faith. When a child is asked “God the Father God?” “Is Jesus God?” “Is the Holy Spirit God?” he or she would reply with yes to each one. Ask that same child how many gods there are and he will say, “Just one.” God is infinitely holy and ultimately incomprehensible.