God has truly blessed our church with a beautiful place to worship and grow as Christians.Purpose:Plan and implement the campus and building.Scope:The Building Ministry Team will be responsible for developing and maintining thelayout of the campus of Southwest utilizing the 20 acres of land located on Courthouse Road, developing architectural plans for a building or buildings on this property(when required), development of the land and execution of the building plans. Organization and execution will be consistent with biblical principles.Organization:The Building Ministry Team will consist of a small core planning team supported by several sub-teams (e.g., campus layout team, land development team, building planning team, building development team, decorating/furnishing team, etc). The number of sub-teams along with the responsibilities and membership of the sub-teams will be decided by the core team.Communication:The Building Ministry Team will stay in close contact with the church membership via personal contact, use of the website, quarterly business meetings and town hall type discussions as appropriate. The team will keep the Elders informed as well as seek guidance from the Elders as appropriate. The Building Ministry Team will also coordinate with the Teaching Team, Worship Team, Financial Team, Missions Team, etc. as appropriate